Update on NHL's Condition

Hello, I'm Richard Fitzwell reporting on the tragic aftermath of the Triple Glass Table Match at Vortex last night between then No Limits Champion, Sir Nathaniel Henry Lee GBE and Onslaught. Last night, Sir Henry fell victim to a horrible accident where a piece of sound equipment, in which he landed on, breaking through several tables, sparked and ignited in flames, third degree burns on 30% of his body.

Oh, and did I mention he was electrocuted as well? The equipment sparked and gave way to hundreds upon unknown hundreds of high voltage that caused the English Knight to scream out in horror before and during the accident.

When the lights returned to the arena, Sir Henry was unconscious, but breathing. As EMTs wiped the blood from his mouth and tried to remove the shard of 27 1/2 inch glass from his lower abdomen, NHL was carted out of a silent arena and taken to a local Chicago emergency care facility.

That's where Henry has been since last night. Since the emergency doctors were able revive him after his heart failed once, he's been in stable, but critical condition. That is the only word we have on the physical condition of the founder and President of Damage, Incorporated.

I was able to speak to Sarah Hawthorne about the condition of her "husband", and she had this to say, "I weep not for the condition of Henry, but for the condition of Nathan, my true husband. If the body of NHL dies, so too does the mind of the man I love." Sarah, obviously distraught over the recent events, didn't want to comment any further.

A recent release from the AWA's administration provided us with the feeling that, "Onslaught will be held accountable and responsible for his actions." That's all I've received from the front office about this incident.

Until next time, I'm Richard Fitzwell reporting for AWA_Online.
-- Posted by Robert
Vortex Stipulations Announced

Just moments ago, AWA Owner and President, Travis Gray, released this information about Vortex and the stipulations for its matches.

As we roll closer and closer to Vortex, it's been on my mind as well as everyone else's, "Where's the Vortex stipulations?" Well I have the answer for you folks and after the legal clutter has finally subsided, I can officially release the stipulations.

First and foremost, the AWA Commissioner, Low, and myself would like to welcome two new members to the AWA's roster. Those gentlemen are Brad Pierce and Marcus Thompson. Their match at Vortex will take place in any one of these three match types: Best of Three falls, an "I Quit" match, or a Cage match. They have their work cut out for them in their debut match, but if they have what it takes, they'll take whatever match they have and show us why they're a part of such a great and grand organization such as the AWA.

The next match to receive legal-free stipulations was the tag team match of the evening where we will see the "Christiansons", Jeff Christianson and Quade deSade take on NPD's Draven Shadows and Rawstarr. Their match, as I previously stated, would be in either a Hardcore Tornado Tag match, a "Title Shot" on a Pole match, and a Canadian Death Match. I hope these four men tear each other apart and help me to rid the AWA of wasted talent.

The Cruiserweight Championship match is still under some legal discussions and there may be some modifications, if I see fit, for this match. When Logan Alexander defends his Cruiserweight Championship against Evan Heir, in what should be a classic cruiserweight match, it will be done in either a TLC match, Submission-Only match, or a 30-Minute Iron Man match. Best of luck to them.

In what could be a match of the year candidate, Brian Williams and Jayson "Misery" Price will put everything on the line and may, in fact, be the last match together of their careers. Brian Williams sent a notice to me stating that he adamently wanted this match to be a Casket match, stating that the last casket match he had put an end to a feud he was happy to end. And even though we all miss Adam Bawm and though it's against my better judgment, I allowed Brian Williams' stipulation to be placed into the contract. The other two stipulations are a Taipei Death Match and a Hell in a Cell match. May God have mercy on their souls.

The next match that was just signed and the ink is, in fact, still "fresh", is the No Limits Championship match, where we will see the champion and administration friend Sir Nathaniel Henry Lee GBE defending his title against the despicable Onslaught. Sir Henry's requests for his match were immediately granted and those requests are a Triple Glass Table match - where you will need to put your opponent through three glass tables, but the order in which you do that is up to you - a Parking Lot Brawl, and a No Holds Barred Match. I hope that this match ends the career of Onslaught so our Commissioner can live in peace without hearing the name of "Brian Stevens" being uttered.

And the main event of the evening, the AWA World Heavyweight Championship match will feature the newly crowned champion, Jason Storm, defending his title against A.C. Smith. The stipulations for this match are as follows: Falls Count Anywhere, Last Man Standing, and a No Limits Rules match. With Storm being awarded the World Title because of his win in the Hell Bowl Chamber and Smith winning his triple threat match against Williams and Price, this match should be a great breath of fresh air that the AWA has needed for a while because we will get a Brian Stevens-free main event.

You heard it here, folks. Enjoy the show!
-- Posted by Robert
Pre-Exposed Questioning appears on AWA_Online

Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm Blake Barton and I'm here to release a short statement from President Travis Gray from a press conference right before Exposed went on the air.

Travis Gray said, "I will review the footage of what happened in Montreal, Quebec, Canada tonight live on Exposed. WE will watch the match in its entirety. The AWA Commissioner is watching it on pay per view as we speak to see what he can make of it. I'll do it live. I did send the NPD to make an impact and they did that. They proved they are deserving to maybe even be the first tag team champions if we can draw a couple more teams to the AWA... back to the AWA, or have them form from our current roster. Until then, the AWA has no further comment on this situation."

Travis Gray would not comment on what Jeff Christianson Sr. said to him on a phone conversation that took place Saturday. Until next time, I'm Blake Barton. We'll keep you posted.
-- Posted by Robert
More news from CAPW.

This is Richard Fitzwell returning to my regular position as the AWA_Online rumor reporter and boy what a show that was two nights ago in Montreal. It was action packed from top to bottom however we are only hear to talk about what became of the Main Event. After Jeff Christianson wrestled a former AWA star in a One Hour Iron Man match, we saw Rawstarr and Draven Shadows, the NPD come out and attack him. Quade de'Sade immediately left the announcers position and joined the frey. This inspired Jeff Christianson Sr., the promoter and owner to create a tag team match... and boy, what a match.

It lasted about as long as a Shock Main Event and then BAM! We saw a huge brawl ensueing as the show went off of pay per view. Blake Barton was doing commentary with Jeff Christianson Sr. and Quade deSade until all this happened. He nearly got his head taken off and one point. I was able to talk to all of the wrestlers after they got restrained in the back. It was an individual process.

Rawstarr was the first to be located. He had an icepack on his head. He and Jeff Christianson brawled all over the arena. Rawstarr said, "I was here to send a message and I did that. He should have just retired. The NPD is the greatest entity ever created. We aren't going to be stopped by someone like him... and someone like Quade de'Sade. They can barely get along. Look at how they fought nearly their whole careers. They are also very dumb. I mean, they didn't even know they were brothers until last year. Jeff Christianson and Quade deSade should just retire."

I think found Draven Shadows waiting at their car. They were ready to get out of the arena as the fans were ready to riot. Draven Shadows said, "These fans are crazy. We show up and show them what real wrestlers can do... what an elite team can do and they are ready to riot over Christianson and deSade? This is nut!"

Draven was cut short as we saw a huge mob heading towards him. He and Rawstarr broke straight for the border. I was shocked to see the fans chasing the car. Then I went and found Blake Barton who had some comments. Blake Barton said, "WOW! That will create a lot of buyrates on the encore presentations. I never expected to see the NPD. Gray didn't hint that he was sending someone to send a message, although he told me off the record they would get it loud and clear. This will definitely help this company get off the ground and onto the National scene once again. I can't believe this!"

Blake went on to talk, but not about that. I next found the promoter Jeff Christianson Sr. He smiled when he saw me. He said, "The next five shows have been sold out and I'm not promoting any outside talent but my own. When you have something like this go down for better or worse, you are on top of the world. I'm sure the AWA will be getting some better ratings on their television shows and selling more pay per views next week with this happening at my television taping. I will have to call Travis Gray in the morning and ask him why his wrestlers came to my show as I'm perplexed he would try to ruin someone else's event.

Next was Quade deSade. He was in a locker room talking to a couple of the wrestlers giving them some advice. Quade deSade said, "Who the hell do they think they are? They just ruined my father's event! They may draw extra viewers Sunday night at 6pm when this pay per view airs there will be a lot of people wondering what happened. Was this planned? No, not by anyone in the Christianson All Pro Wrestling Company. That is completely false. Travis Gray may have planned some things but we did not. We beat the hell out of the NPD and we will do it in two nights at Exposed and once again at Vortex. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get to the buffet line."

I then got a call from Travis Gray welcoming me back from my vacation. Travis Gray said, "I gave them what they wanted. I will be responsible for their success. Anything that company does, it will be because of me. That is how I am. I am one of the best promoter's in the world and I gave it to them... now I can take it away. I can sue them. They used my talent. That is illegal. They also used some guys who may not be active at the moment but were still under AWA contract. I'll give Jeff Christianson and his dad a call about that tomorrow."

We then found Jeff Christianson who seemed upset. I told him what Gray said and he nearly went insane. After regaining his composure and throwing a couple of chairs and tossing around a gatorade cooler, he was ready to talk. Jeff Christianson said, "Who does Travis Gray think he is? The crowd won't boo me in my home country. His tag team of now will not get OVER will my crowd. Yeah, I'm not afraid to talk about the inside terms of the business. They may get over the border before the fans lynch them. You see, I'm like the greatest American Wrestling Alliance wrestler of all-time, that's why guys retire and take office positions when rumored matches take place. The NPD thinks I should just retire? Maybe they should jus be original. The only thing they are trying to do is rip off a hot commodity from another organization which kinda ripped off Bad Blood in early 05. Rawstarr, the king of unoriginality, tried to even revive my BLUEPRINT! He doesn't realize they call me the BLUEPRINT! You see, I want to introduce them to a match they haven't been in before. In fact, I've been there. It is called a Canadian Deathmatch. I'm the master of the match and undefeated. Everyone wants a stipulation for their match next week... well Brian Rhode, please include that as one... That will be your buyrates and I will soon take YOUR TITLE and call YOU OUT until YOU FACE ME for the richest prize in the GAME! First I'll take care of my NPD problem... which will take care of the Gray problem... and then it will be YOUR TURN!"

So it was a huge action packed night. Every one had something to say except for new AWA commish Low. He was still unavailble for comment, but I'm sure he will eventually comment once he gets all the information.
-- Posted by Robert
Gray Responds to deSade's Actions.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Blake Barton with another urgent update. President Travis Gray has contacted me and said that if Quade deSade is shown on camera, he will be sued as will his father and brother and anyone else who appears. He also said there will not be repercussions for anyone that can stop Quade deSade and Jeff Christianson from attending the pay per view taping. In fact, one could possibly push them up the list for a particular title if they could somehow stop these two from attending the event. I'll have more on this story as I'm attending the show tonight, and I'm the lead commentator. Once again, this is Blake Barton, signing off.
-- Posted by Robert
Another Christianson joins the CAPW show?

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is once again Blake Barton. Instead of having more comments from Gray, or getting any news from Jeff Christianson, I have news from another... Quade deSade. That's right, Quade deSade has now been added to the list of wrestling talent that will be appearing at the CAPW show in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He said it will be the first chance he gets to observe his father's promotion in an unofficial quote. He also said he may be wrestling at the event. I'll have more on this situation if it furthers. Until then, This is Blake Barton, signing off!
-- Posted by Robert
AWA/Christianson Update

[Received early Friday morning, February 15th]

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Blake Barton once again filling in for Richard Fitzwell. This time, Travis Gray has prepared a written statement concerning Jeff Christianson. It reads below.

"I would like to address a certain wrestler who seems to have a vendetta against me. For whatever reason, we see that Jeff Christianson is trying to bend the rules to his advantage. If he appears at his father's show, I will invoke whatever rights I can and have Low not book him in ANY TITLE MATCHES FOR THE REST OF HIS CAREER! I can do that. Jeff, we are having a huge problem. If you continue your behavior and show up, I may be forced to terminate your contract. It will be awfully hard to work for your dad, who's promotion has barely survived all these years, and take care of your family. We all know what type of spendthrift you are. You'll be broke within days. Jeff think about what you are doing to yourself, and the AWA. I once thought highly of our friendship, but now I've realized that it doesn't exit anymore."

That was Travis Gray's written statement. I've never saw someone get on Gray's nerves so bad in this sense in recent months. Jeff has never been afraid of authority but Gray made a lot of remarks. It will be interesting to see how this story develops further. Low once again couldn't be reached for a comment concerning the situation. Until then, this is Blake Barton, signing off!
-- Posted by Robert
Jeff Christianson & AWA Management rift?

[reported Thursday Night, February 14]

Ladies and gentlemen, it is I, Blake Barton that breaks this special news bulletin to you. The rift between Jeff Christianson and AWA Management has grown even bigger as Jeff Christianson will be set to attend a pay per view taping on Friday Night. He has told me and notified the secretaries of Low and Travis Gray, who were unavailable for comment, that he would be wrestling in the Main Event on the show. He said he doesn't care if it is a breach of contract and that he will sue the AWA if they try to take any action. Travis Gray has previously removed him from a position of commentator for Christianson All Pro Wrestling. I will have further updates as they are made available on this situation, or if I can reach Low or Travis Gray. Until then, this is Blake Barton, signing off!
-- Posted by Robert